EVENTS 8 Undeniable Reasons to love code.talks



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There is a large selection of different developer conferences. Since you can’t go to all of them, for time, money or whatever reason, you have to decide which conference to go to or choose even only one for the whole year. This decision should be well considered because everyone wants a good mix of what the program is about. For most developers, good talks, the exchange between conference participants, food and the supporting program are especially important.

Promises are made by many conference organizers but not everyone keeps these promises and in the end, you sometimes don’t get much of your money.

But there is one conference which is really hard not to like. We think code.talks is one of the few developer conferences that offers the perfect mix. So now we’ll give you eight reasons why you just have to love the code.talks.

Starting with the first and most obvious reason because…

1. Who would want to miss a developer conference in a cinema?

The code.talks takes place in a big multiplex cinema which guarantees a unique conference atmosphere for everyone who is involved. The speaker value, the huge screens and the professional conference technology. Visitors enjoy the comfortable seats and that they are able to read the code even from the last row. Last but not least there will be free popcorn and nachos all day long.

2. Conference without profit motive

We do not make any money with the code.talks. We organize a conference with a non-profit character for the developer community in Germany and Europe. The conference is funded by sponsors and ticket sales. Furthermore, our founding company About You spends additional money at the conference to give the participants the best possible live experience. By giving away free and discounted tickets to students and trainees, we are supporting groups who aren’t able to buy a fully priced ticket.

3. Over 100 talks and discussions

With 113 talks, discussions and live hacks in over 15 theme tracks, every attendee is able to find interesting talks at every hour of the conference. If not, why not broaden your horizon and check out another topic? We cover the most recent trends and the most important topics of the whole developer community. To make sure everyone can profit from our conference program we offer three different talk levels from beginner to expert. Besides that, the talks are clustered into different topics like Big Data, UX Design, Security, Backend or IT Management, to name a few examples. The Track Coding Society is brand new, with sessions about the Open Source Community, Developers for Future and other topics from the developer community. So get ready to learn!

4. International Speakers

With the help of our curators, we are proud to bring some of the greatest minds of the developer community on our stages. Speakers like John Romero (father of Doom, Quake and many more), David Catuhe (Creator of BabylonJs) and Callum Marcae (author of a book on how to get started with Vue.js). All of our speakers are working professionals who are fully aware of the daily work challenges you may even face, too.

So get your ticket for code.talks 2019 now and meet your favorite speaker. After their talks, the speaker will also answer your questions in a Q&A session.

5. Networking in a pleasant atmosphere

Besides the talks, we want to promote the exchange within the developer community. So, meet your developer community in order to exchange information on important and current topics and trends. Everyone who buys a ticket for our conference agrees to our code of conduct automatically. This conduct includes rules to our conferences to make it a safe and enjoyable place for all — participants, speakers, curators, sponsors and organizers. Everybody needs to comply with these rules, which will be enforced by the staff during the entire conference.

6. Devs just wanna have fun!

We do not only offer a wide-ranging conference program. That’s why we provide a lot of gaming opportunities during the two conference days and especially at our after-conference party on the 24th of October 2019. Without saying too much, but … have you ever seen an escape room at a developer conference ;-)?

7. Fair prices

We do not want you to spend a fortune to come to code.talks. Without cutting corners on the conference program, catering and socializing opportunities like gaming we keep the tickets affordable, even for freelancers or students.

Everyone has the chance to participate in every session. There are no additional costs for hackathons or panel discussions. Also, drinks and food at the conference are free. We offer breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack, and popcorn and nachos all day long. The code.talks also offer a great supporting program with our After Conference Party.

8. After conference party on the 24th of October 2019

We offer a transfer from the conference location, a yummy buffet, some free alcoholic, and non-alcoholic drinks and cocktails, a table football (kicker) tournament, a pool billiard, arcade games and lot’s of more gaming, music acts, chill out lounges for networking and even more.

You are more like a party animal? Then dance the night away at our party floor.

This year the code.talks, also known as the class reunion of the developer scene, is already entering its ninth round and takes place in Hamburg annually. With 1500 participants, 120 talks and over 130 international speakers it is one of the largest developer conferences in Germany. If you want to be there on October 24th and 25th, you can still buy tickets here: