The entrance of code.talks 2022 at CinemaxX Dammtor in Hamburg.

EVENTS Germany's largest developer conference is back! A day at code.talks 2022

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After two years of pause, the code.talks conference finally took place again a few weeks ago. Hosted by ABOUT YOU, as always, the 2022 edition of Germany's largest developer conference was a complete success. I was there and enjoyed an amazing experience. Let me tell you what it was like!

Wait – what are the code.talks again?

Code.talks is the largest developer conference in Germany and it is hosted by ABOUT YOU. After a two-year break, the event could finally take place again in 2022 – two days full of fascinating talks, great food and lots of fun. 

With over 1500 attendees, the venue was vibrant with life.

This year’s edition offered a fantastic program to more than 1,500 attendees, with over 100 talks from 130 international speakers on 14 topics – ranging from Engineering Management, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to Tech Entrepreneurship Stories, Web3 and other buzzing technologies.
Open to anyone who is interested, the code.talks are a non-profit event. We don't want to earn any money with this, but rather impart knowledge to interested parties, enable them to exchange ideas and create real added value. Thanks to our sponsors and funding from ABOUT YOU, we can offer the tickets at a very reasonable price, with special discounts for students and trainees.
As always, our ABOUT YOU TECH employees received free tickets to the event. And for our international employees, the company covered the transportation costs to Hamburg.

This way, as many people as possible can benefit from this exchange of knowledge. Sounds pretty cool, right? It was even better in real life! Here’s what my day at code.talks 2022 looked like.  

A code conference in a cinema? How cool is that!

Our coding conference took place in the CinemaxX Dammtor in Hamburg – central location, relaxed atmosphere, large screens, comfortable cinema seats, popcorn and nacho flat, great service and a free breakfast on arrival included, of course. 

Large companies like Techniker Krankenkasse, bonprix and of course ABOUT YOU and SCAYLE, our innovative e-commerce platform, were there. At the company stands, everyone had the opportunity to network, exchange best practices and hunt for jobs. 

Some of the exhibiting companies even had some mini-games running: the coolest prize won that day? An Xbox! 

The highlight: Talks, talks everywhere

With the wide range of topics, developers, engineers, designers and product managers could easily find a valuable talk.

As the name suggests, the centerpiece of the event was of course the talks. There were incredibly interesting topics, presented by skilled speakers and designed to be interactive with questions and participation from the audience. Presenters from Google, Meta, ABOUT YOU, OTTO and many other companies shared their real subject expertise. 

As a curious mind, what did I join in? 

First, of course, our own B2B success story with SCAYLE, in "How to turn a retail company into a SaaS business". Then I followed up with an interesting and technical talk "Learn how to build your NFT side project". The highlight of the afternoon was OTTO’s fascinating presentation about "Building an empowered product organisation". Finally, my day closed off with "Choreography vs. Orchestration approaches to serverless microservices" by Google, an insightful architectural comparison and last but not least, an original and thought-provoking talk on "How to use functional programming to design your UI".

The second highlight: food and snacks

The colourful lunch buffet.

Besides the technical input, there was another highlight, and that was the self-serve, practical and very tasty nacho boxes that you could take anywhere. 
For lunch there were some tasty, healthy and vegan friendly salads and bowls and of course free drinks. My favourite: vanilla flavoured cola! 

Ending with a bang, in pure ABOUT YOU tradition

A violinist on stage!

How else, it was an ABOUT YOU event after all. 

After a day of exciting talks, all attendees were invited to dance the night away in a really cool venue, with free buffet dinner, pool tables, VR games, table soccer and of course multiple dance floors with different DJs and musicians. We even had a violinist playing on stage! 
To make sure all participants got home safely after dancing the night away, we organised shuttle buses to the central train station running all night long.

As you can see, the code.talks is a pretty fun and insightful event. Good news for all of you who didn't make it in 2022: we are doing this again next year! So block your calendars for October 2023. You are now sure it will be worth it. 
Actually, even better: apply now to join ABOUT YOU TECH so you are sure you have your free ticket for 2023. We currently have plenty of open positions, just make your choice! 🚀