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Four weeks ago, the code.talks took place on October 18th and 19th in Hamburg. It’s Germany’s largest developer conference and even one of Europe’s largest conference for web development. Together with 130 national and international speakers, ABOUT YOU’s tech teams have shared their knowledge about different, innovative web development topics with more than 1600 visitors in the course of about 120 exciting panels and lectures.

Join Germany’s largest developer class reunion — an exciting summary of the code.talks 2018 hosted by ABOUT YOU

For all those, who could not listen to the exciting presentations and debates about architecture and artificial intelligence, BI, IT security, UI/UX design, virtual reality and much more at the conference, there is now a large selection of lectures from both days of the code.talks 2018 on YouTube.

To give you a first impression, we prepared short overview of a selection of videos available on YouTube:

  1. From Good to SOLID: How to become a better developer

Speaker: Katerina Trajchevska (ADEVA)

In this exciting lecture, it’s all about the question ‘How can you become a better developer?’ In her presentation, Katerina Trajchevska (ADEVA) answers this by introducing the SOLIDE principles, which focus on the extensibility of the code and the resulting advantages. In the last few years, Katerina has worked with companies from early-stage startups to Fortune 500, during this time she has experienced both the struggle of continuing someone else’s work and the joy of it. The difference is only in their approach towards the design of their code. It’s a minor effort if done on time, with a huge impact on the overall development of the software. In this presentation, she focuses on what distinguishes a good developer from a strong one and learn how to stand out from the crowd. You can learn how to write code in a way that will make it easy to go back to a feature you developed a year ago and extend it with additional functionality in minutes, not hours. For all developers, who want to become even better in their work!

2. Inside report on being a Tech Entrepreneur

Speaker: Philipp Kalweit (Kalweit ITS GmbH), Sebastian Betz (ABOUT YOU) and Stefan Richter (FREIHEIT.COM TECHNOLOGIES), Moderator: Martin Westphal

Recently, its seems like there are more tech entrepreneurs and tech start-ups than you can count. Few of them survive the first year and even fewer of them achieve real success. In this thrilling panel discussion the three successful founders Philipp Kalweit (Kalweit ITS GmbH), Sebastian Betz (ABOUT YOU) and Stefan Richter (FREIHEIT.COM TECHNOLOGIES) provide many exciting insights into the way of thinking, their experiences on becoming a tech entrepreneur as well as into stepping stones and pain points.

3. Out of Office: The future of work is anywhere

Speaker: Jenny Shen

The remote work movement is a growing global phenomenon. More and more professionals are trading their offices and commute for a lifestyle that lets them work from anywhere on the map. But is this trend here to stay or it’s simply just a passing phase? Without seeing each other’s faces, can we really create valuable connections, make smart decisions, and cultivate a strong culture? In this fascinating lecture, Jenny Shen presenting the best strategies, tools and culture tips from top remote companies and how individuals and firms can realize the out-of-office revolution.

4. Introduction to Return Oriented Exploitation on ARM64

Speaker: Billy Ellis (ZYGOSEC)

With the increasing number of ARM-based devices being used in the modern world today, mobile devices including tablets and smartphones are becoming a very worthwhile target for attackers. In this thrilling lecture, Billy Ellis (ZYGOSEC) covers the fundamentals of both the ARM and ARM64 architectures, introduces return-oriented exploitation techniques for those who are unfamiliar and walk through the process of developing and executing an exploit on an ARM64-based system, making use of ROP and stack pivoting techniques along the way. For all, who would like to learn more about it, can also take a look at the book ‘Beginner’s Guide to Exploitation on ARM’ written by the 18 year old iOS developer.

Did we make you curious? Discover all videos on the YouTube channel of code.talks!

More insights to the exciting presentations of our ABOUT YOU speakers about our API based, flexible IT-infrastructure BACKBONE and a brand-new, innovative framework for Node.Js named AdonisJs will be following soon. Stay tuned!

Once again the highlight of the code.talks 2018 was the legendary after-conference-party on Thursday evening. Speakers and visitors celebrated the successful start of this year’s conference with lots of live music and free drinks.