Sharing knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere — Tech Talks at ABOUT YOU

EVENTS Sharing knowledge & exploring tech topics beyond daily business — the ABOUT YOU Tech Talks



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ABOUT YOU is a tech company driven by the passion to develop the best products. Around one third of our staff are developers meaning in numbers 150 out of 450 employees — and still counting. They constitute our ABOUT YOU TECH department, which is organized in topic related units and its very small teams (circles) according to our innovative organizational model MOVE. In fact, only one year after its implementation, MOVE is already award-winning as we currently received the Xing New Work Award. With this agile team structure, we’re able to scale our business while staying fast, flexible and motivated during constantly adapting our organization to new technologies, social changes and changing customer needs.

Sharing knowledge & exploring tech topics beyond daily business — the ABOUT YOU Tech Talks

Besides providing a motivational work environment, ABOUT YOU likes to offer our developers possibilities to broaden their horizon and inspire each beyond their daily work. We understand that the tech community exchanges tech- and coding topics and issues, which are discussed and often even solved together. Therefore, ABOUT YOU encourages its developers to share their knowledge by organizing the ABOUT YOU Tech Talks.

The bi-weekly event gives our developers a forum to exchange their knowledge, deep dive into specific — and partially unknown — topics and thereby, mutually benefit from each other. The Tech Talks take place on mondays in the afternoon in a relaxed atmosphere with beer and chips. The event is open for all tech-teams — and of course all other employees who are interested in tech-related topics. In each of these events, one developer talks about a specific topic, which can be work-related but tech-related topics beyond the work-scope are also highly appreciated.

Amongst others, the following topics were popular at the previous talks:

  • Testing in Laravel — an introduction
  • APIs — How not to fuck them up
  • WebUSB — How a website could steal data off your phone
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • How to present stuff in an awesome way

But what do our developers think about the Tech Talks?

“Our Tech Talks are a cool opportunity to share your ideas and current projects in a really relaxed atmosphere. Anybody who wants to get some new ideas, to share theirs or simply wants to discuss techstuff can join. Doesn’t matter if the topics are related to the company or not.” — Martin

“The Tech Talk offers a great opportunity to learn more about topics and teams, which I don’t work with on a daily basis. It is even interesting for non-tech employees as me, as the talks such as the ‘Introduction into SEO’ convey basic knowledge” — Solveig

“I like that the Tech Talks allow us to both share lessons learned at work and enable us to broaden our horizon by looking into topics colleagues deal apart from the daily work.” — Florian

“It’s nice to get insights in some company and non-company related tech topics. You can meet people from other teams and share your knowledge. — Philipp

Tech Talks don’t necessarily need to be work-related.
Tech Talks don’t necessarily need to be work-related.

We are very happy about the positive feedback and numerous employees who show up every second week to the Tech Talks. This confirms the relevance as well as importance a forum for knowledge-exchange has in an tech-company like us.

At the moment, the Tech Talks are internal events for employees only. However, we also host Meetups in our office spaces in Hamburg on a regular basis. If you’re a developer or tech-enthusiast living in Hamburg, watch out for upcoming meetups, which will be announced at our ABOUT YOU TECH Facebook Page and soon in our own Meetup group.

Stay tuned & see you there!