INSIGHTS We level up with Laracasts



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Video tutorials for developers are boring most of the time? Laracasts prove you are wrong!

This is exactly why we provide our developers free accounts on Laracasts for virtual training purposes. A major advantage of this is that there are thus no regular courses nor regulated particular topics. Everyone can learn at their own pace.

In view of their own knowledge base (e.g. beginner, intermediate or advanced) everybody has the opportunity to evaluate oneself and take the initiative to learn more professional skills and methods. Nobody has to absolve a tutorial, in which he/she is not 100 percent interested. Only condition is that each of us will be open to change.

As you see, increase your own efficiency is not that difficult!
Our developers take a course unit without having to leave their working place — or they study in the evening hours conveniently from the couch. It’s kinda like Netflix!

On Laracasts we also operate as a team and set high demands on ourselves, share the desire to develop further as well as increase in motivation — ideally among other well-known faces.
A glance at the statistics illustrates the personal performance in comparison to other team members and pushes individual motivation forward.

Last but not least, chat with somebody about useful tutorials is as easy as having a talk about favorite series, right? ;)

ps. You want to work with Laracasts as well? Of course you can! Take a quick look at the positions we’re offering! Click here.