Gina Nuguid

Director Retail Backend Processes


Reasoner, creating the difference by exceeding the customers beliefs with efficiency driven process solutions with an extensive knowledge about product development and the e-commerce supply chain.

Gina about ABOUT YOU:
For me, ABOUT YOU is a company with courage that doesn't shy away from big challenges and a team with extremely talented people.

Who are you and how did you come to ABOUT YOU?

Hey, I'm Gina and I've been working at ABOUT YOU for 8 years now. I'm from Hamburg and originally studied Fashion & Design Management. Besides my studies I already worked in an e-commerce company and was fascinated to see my interest for fashion and my affinity for data combined.  At that time, my former boss told me about a new e-commerce project that could fit me. As a result, I applied for a working student position in the "Procurement" department at ABOUT YOU and was immediately accepted.

What does a "Director Retail Backend Processes" do?

Process optimization has always fascinated me. Today, I am responsible for all processes behind the shops. My responsibilities include product teams that build systems according to the specific needs of our retail business and a team of technical project managers who are responsible for designing and implementing solutions for new business models in our existing system landscape. Combining the multitude of requirements into manageable and lean processes and transferring them into maintainable systems is an insane challenge. Especially when you consider the speed with which we implement topics. Accordingly, it rarely gets boring.

What have been your best moments at ABOUT YOU?

As a product owner, I was responsible for building our current Backbone Core - an extremely educational experience for me. At that time, we made a conscious decision to build everything from scratch and to plan all processes cleanly because of our growth and the increasingly complex requirements. I was able to make full use of my experience in the field of e-commerce and it was a lot of fun to see the project go live together with the team - including all the ups and downs. What I’ll never forget is how we took part in the first Pangea festival with 90 ABOUT YOU employees as extras on an ABOUT YOU commercial shoot. Our names were just drawn at the time and a few weeks later we were on a plane to Africa. And also, the ABOUT YOU staff parties are simply legendary. I'm really looking forward to them hopefully taking place more regularly again, soon.

Which technologies & tools would you definitely not want to do without at ABOUT YOU?

I could not imagine working without Google Workspace. In my opinion, Google does a great job of constantly developing their services. Google Workspace now finishes my sentences in emails, calculates how much time I spent in meetings and informs me when I want to write to people who are on vacation - super handy. We use the commenting and tasks functions a lot - especially when working remotely!

What do you do to balance your job?

My job is mentally challenging for me. To compensate, I have hobbies that challenge my body. I do Crossfit, play tennis and like to go kitesurfing on the weekends. My brother introduced me to kitesurfing when we were on vacation together in Cape Verde and I have been infected ever since. To start the day well, I meditate in the morning. For me, it has become a super important habit to focus on myself at least once a day. 

Gina is actively recruiting for her team! Apply to one of our many open positions for backend development roles on our Jobs page!

Google Workspace finishes my sentences in emails for me, calculates how much time I've spent in meetings, and notifies me when I want to write to people who are on vacation - super handy.