Iulia Druta

Tech Hub Manager Cluj-Napoca


Who are you and how did you come to ABOUT YOU?

Hey, I'm Iulia and I've been working at ABOUT YOU for two months now. I'm from Cluj-Napoca, Romania and I have a background in HR and business operations. I am passionate about working with people, crafting solutions for the business and I adore chocolate along with a good book.

What does a "Tech Hub Manager" do?

 I am responsible for creating and growing an anchor office in Cluj-Napoca, one of the AY Tech Hubs in Eastern Europe. Cluj is home for 15.000 IT professionals and almost 1.300 IT businesses. My role as a Tech Hub Manager is to run the daily operations of the hub, be the first point of contact for our local tech colleagues and represent ABOUT YOU in the local tech scene.

What have been your best moments ABOUT YOU?

My induction was perfect! Such a lovely experience! From pre onboarding meetings, to presentations, gifts and a buddy to hold my hand in the first month. Everything is set up for success... the success of newcomers. I felt secure, welcomed and I took advantage of the care my new team offered. Learning was fast and effective.

What do you do to balance your job?

I have hobbies that relax me but also fill my soul with happiness and good energy.  I like to spend time in nature with my family, I always enjoy a good book but my favourite thing is to draw patterns.