Ivan Jovic

Tech Hub Manager Zagreb


Who are you and how did you come to ABOUT YOU?

Hey, I’m Ivan and I am the Tech Hub Manager for ABOUT YOU in Zagreb. I’m from Zagreb and have a professional background in HR and marketing in the IT and telecom sector. I knew ABOUT YOU as a cool brand but associated the company with fashion. But as I read that they are opening a Tech Hub here, when I researched the company a bit more and found out about the strong tech aspect of it, I got very intrigued and reached out. The team, plans, positive and professional vibe I felt during the selection process made me sure I want to be a part of this, and as it turned out, it was mutual.

What does a "Tech Hub Manager" do?

Engaging with talent and providing a great employee and candidate experience is something which I really enjoy and am passionate about. My job is to represent ABOUT YOU as an employer, interface with the local tech community, and raise awareness of what a cool company we are to work with.
I also run the daily operations of our Tech Hub, making sure that we work in a nice environment. Whether that it making sure we have coffee and snacks, IT equipment or just being a friendly ear – I like to think of myself as a feelgood manager for my Tech colleagues.

What do you like best at ABOUT YOU?

The work culture and the non political, problem solving mentality. I thrive the most in such a surrounding where things get done, and you are encouraged to share ideas and knowledge. My colleagues are spread across locations and cultures, very diverse but all are professional and dedicated to their work, yet relaxed and cool to work with. I also love how much effort the company is putting into providing a great employee experience from day one, the support and feedback culture. It’s exciting to be the part of such a great story from the beginning here in Croatia. It’s something that I always wanted professionally.

What do you do to balance your job?

My job is varied, and so are my hobbies – from reading to sports and creative work. I make sure to take care of both body and mind, so I try to make some sort of physical activity and meditation a daily habit.
But quality time with my family and friends is what I prioritize and enjoy the most, whether it is hiking in the mountains, hanging out with some good food or dancing. My ideal weekend would involve all three of these.