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eCommerce Infrastructure as a Service

After successfully implementing MOVE, our own organizational model for speed and flexibility, ABOUT YOU is now launching the first infrastructure for large scale and innovative eCommerce retailers — the ABOUT YOU CLOUD.

Our first Cloud product called BACKBONE is our very own eCommerce backend, which was built in-house and has proven itself within the last three years: Today, ABOUT YOU is one of the fastest growing eCommerce players in Europe with a GMV of 450 million euros in 2016 and more than 2 million customers. With a growth rate of more than 100%, we definitely learned a lot about scaling in the past and the requirements of an efficient eCommerce infrastructure — in the end, you need a flexible solution that allows you to scale fast. At ABOUT YOU we see ourselves as a mobile driven company with a highly agile environment and an API & service driven infrastructure. Our tech teams work in Kanban or scrum within fast and small iterations. With the implementation of MOVE, we secure speed and flexibility for our developers and our company.

Due to a lot of positive feedback to our infrastructure and many requests from other retailers within the last years, we decided to expand our business and launch the ABOUT YOU CLOUD with our shop backend BACKBONE as the first licensed product. The ABOUT YOU CLOUD is a real game changer in terms of high scale eCommerce infrastructures.

Compared to classic systems, it is way more flexible with zero monitoring and maintenance costs. It also offers easy-to-use tools and state-of-the-art interfaces / APIs to handle complex business processes. Traffic peaks are no problem as the Cloud already serves more than 45.000 orders and more than 80 million API calls per day. Thanks to BACKBONE, our clients can focus all development resources on their front end, because we provide the complex backend that is not visible for the customer.

With BACKBONE you get access to intuitive, scalable product management tools that allow you to:

  • process your orders
  • manage your stock in real-time across all devices
  • easily manage multiple merchants and warehouses
  • get access to an insightful reporting for all relevant service levels
  • rely on a 24/7 emergency support

Regarding the integration, we offer different opportunities from using your own front end to working with one of our partners, Spryker or Frontastic. We also work with Solution Partners, who can provide support during the integration process.

In summary, the ABOUT YOU CLOUD gives online retailers the freedom to build lightweight front ends for any device and grow their business with a powerful backend and the proven infrastructure of ABOUT YOU. It’s a win-win-situation for both sides: not only can we help retailers to scale their business, we also benefit from their input which helps us to improve our backend continuously — which in return helps our clients.

For more information, see or get in touch: [email protected]!


About the Author: Sebastian Betz is a member of the management
team and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at ABOUT YOU.